Why need an asbestos cancer lawyer

If you are from the previous generation, you might have realized that the popular use of asbestos and advertisements praising the benefits of asbestos for roofs, ceiling and buildings are no longer around. This is due to the various adverse health effects that asbestos poses on workers directly exposed to this naturally present mineral. In its simple form, asbestos is a very thin fiber that is airborne and can cause various complications if inhaled. These complications usually materialize two to three decades after initial exposure. Large corporations that utilized asbestos in the past failed to warn workers of its potential damage to health despite having knowledge of such consequences, this has led to several lawsuits in recent times to the extent that there are lawyers who are designated solely for mesothelioma (the main disease caused by asbestos) cases. With the steep prices associated with hiring a lawyer specialized in these cases, if you have been exposed to asbestos in the past without having knowledge of its dangerous effects and looking for justice now, you are probably wondering if hiring a specialized lawyer is a necessity.

Whenever there is a serious issue that results in a lawsuit, a high paid, reputed lawyer is always hired to ensure that a positive result entails the lawsuit; this should apply with asbestos related lawsuits as well. Due to the very dangerous effects by asbestos (granted the effects appear in a victim 20 to 30 decades later and most people diagnosed are in the 50-70 age bracket), with the consequences almost always being life threatening, ensuring justice by adequate compensation should be your priority. To better analyze the seriousness of the situation, let’s look at some of the damage caused by asbestos.

Asbestos primarily causes 4 diseases, mesothelioma, lung cancer, asbestosis and pleural thickening. Mesothelioma is a special type of cancer that is almost always caused be asbestos. Due to the silent nature of the disease, it is usually not diagnosed when it is still curable; mesothelioma is responsible for around 3000 deaths per year in the United States alone. Lung cancer is another life threatening disease that is caused by asbestos. Asbestosis which is only caused by asbestos is a serious condition that scars lung tissue and renders it useless, and finally pleural thickening is a condition that causes difficulty in breathing and shortness of breath among various other respiratory complications.

Thus, it is vital to have a well-trained authoritative lawyer to ensure justice. Another reason is due to the peculiarity of the case and the amount of money involved. Another point of note is due to the increase of asbestos related cases in recent times, there are various regulations and procedures involved to specifically deal with these cases and having a lawyer who has adequate experience and knowledge of these legislations is always beneficial.

While the damage may have been done decades ago, it doesn’t mean you should let it be swept under the rug, the large corporations who chose money over your welfare should be brought to justice considering the great extent of damage that asbestos can cause, the ideal way to ensure this is to hire an experienced lawyer who will bring your case home.